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Winter Hunting
Wolves are tracking in the snow,
Hunting in a throng.
They are hungry, starving in the cold;
Winter has been long.
Some trails are hidden by the wind's blow,
But this trail can't be wrong
That one wolf sniffs; it's not hours old.
She lifts her head in a howled song.
Other wolves nearby are searching too,
And they all turn to hear.
Then they quickly run to her
And stop when they are near.
She shows them all the trail so new,
And together they all peer
At the white ground covered all over
By the tracks of a bounding deer.
They run off following in a hurry;
They do not hesitate.
The snow has begun to fall again,
And soon it may be too late.
So along the trail the great wolves scurry
As it courses as straight
As the hot blood in the wolves' dark veins.
Wolf hunger cannot wait.
The tracks lead down a snowy hill
To where begin the trees.
The wolves run quickly with ice beneath;
Noiselessly they pad with ease.
Their minds are set on the impending kill,
Which will their stomachs please.
They g
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Healing, giving droplets from the air.
Glistening along the morning land.
Caressing with warm foam feet bare
That walk the beach, crossing wet sand.
Falling from the sky in flurries white,
Enfolding like blankets the cold ground.
Cleansing, soothing streams so warm and light,
Washing dirt away; fatigue is drowned.
     Taken cold when heat is worst
     A long drink will quench the thirst.
Thrashing, tossing ships lost in a storm.
Crashing hard on dwellings near the sea.
Ripping down as ice in dagger form,
Tearing houses down as if in glee.
Flooding, sweeping torrents scour Earth,
Pulling everything in their dark wake.
To those ignoring fleet river's worth,
Sucks the breath from lungs and life it takes.
     Water's most benign, although
     It's also a grudging foe.
:icondayonwords:DayOnWords 0 3
Halcyon Dreams
When day turns to night,
Surrendering to dark,
Fall into your bed
And let yourself embark,
Carried to the place
Where wonder teems,
Wrapped up in blankets
Of halcyon dreams.
Asleep to the world,
Awake to the feelings,
Alive in the realm
Where all pains are healing.
Cradled in darkness,
Touched by moonbeams,
Lost in the comfort
Of halcyon dreams.
When day is at end
It's a welcome respite,
The dream world that comes
Ever open at night.
Brief though it is,
Eternal it seems
Held by the solace
Of halcyon dreams.
:icondayonwords:DayOnWords 0 1
What is this thing with so much control,
The powerful cord attached to my neck?
It's tied to me when going on a stroll
And used to keep my paws in check.
It holds me from walking away too far,
Pulls me back if I ever think to stray.
It keeps me locked like a cage of bars;
I tug so hard, yet still I'm held at bay.
What is this thing at my master's command,
The extension of his arm, power complete,
Running me in circles when he stands,
And walking, limits me to trodding at his feet?
:icondayonwords:DayOnWords 0 1
Ode To Rain
Oh dear draught,  dampen darkly the dry ground.
You're needed by nature; answer its call.
Fall from the heights of heaven, and be found
Along the deeply treasured earth.  Please fall,
Come and give life to everything we know,
To fields and flowers, green grass running rife.
Your healing waters will make new plants grow
And nurture the dying things to new life.
Oh rain, reach out to every needy land,
Administer your care to every place.
From dry deserts, which such hot, burning sand
To groves of gentle trees; give gifts of grace.
    But rain, don't go away, don't leave just yet.
    There's still more ground here you have yet to wet.
:icondayonwords:DayOnWords 0 1
To Be You
How does it feel to look into
     A mirror and see your face?
How does it feel to think in your mind
     The thoughts you constantly chase?
What is it like to walk as you
     And see the world at your pace?
What is it like to ever endure
     The feelings that in your mind race?
How do you like to be as you are,
     To inhabit your own special place?
How does it feel to dwell in yourself
     And live the life you embrace?
As for me, I can't know how you feel;
     I will never have that grace.
I can only look at you from afar,
     Across the seperating space.
:icondayonwords:DayOnWords 0 1


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Spencer Ferrell
United States
Current Residence: Gladewater, Texas
Personal Quote: I would much prefer to fall for every lie than to mistrust every honest truth.
Today is today.  Most definitely.

Oh no, I'm wrong... it's tonight.

Not night to... though it could be that if it helps you remember.

Maybe if you imagine a knight with armor made of tuna... but I can't see how you would forget it is tonight.

Unless you're reading this in the morning tomorrow.

And then it would be tomorrow, not morrow to.  And to help you remember try to imagine the night "borrowing" the sun to become "tomorrow."  

Or maybe you are not reading this at all.  Maybe you don't really care.  Or maybe you started reading but then decided "This guys seems pretty shady.... I'm outta here."

And to remember that you are outta here imagine a trout with hair.

And the trout is scared.

I'm not sure why.

But I am sure of other things.

So it's all good.


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